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F&F Productions LLC

racing pigs

Fun Family Entertainment For Fairs and Specialty Events

Five shows daily featuring three pig races and two mountain goat races during each show.
racing goats
sue wee pig races
Modern top quality equipment, what you see is what will arrive at your event.
One of a kind eight foot climbing track 
for the mountain goats.
Crowd pleaser!
Robinson                        &               Curuso

We are please that our friends Robinson and Curuso will help you travel through out F & F Production's web site. Off to Sue Wee Pig & Ugly Pig Race with those snorting swine and the really ugly pigs.  Look for Robinson and Curuso to appear on each page.

David Feimster and Family Production LLC provide fine family entertainment-Sue Wee Pig & Ugly Pig Races, Hot-Dog Pig Racing, the swifty little pigs race at top speed around the track-even Robinson and Curuso will keep you laughing the whole time.

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